About This Karma Thing

Jack R. Noel
2 min readDec 2, 2023

Jack R. Noel
December 2, 2023

Seeing comments recommending that you let “Karma do its work” and comments about “the power of forgiveness” has finally sickened me. Both are convincing claims meant to avoid the sin of “violence” which is the psychology meant to aid only those who do some kind of violence to the rest of us. It is like adopting approval for robbers, rapists, and even autocrats like Stalin and Putin.

Oh let karma do its work, eventually, they will pay. No, that’s dependent on probability like a gambler thinking they will eventually win if they put enough bets down.

There are people like me who have the job title, Expediter.

We expedite things including karma which is Justice. The innocent deserve to be protected from the people harming others.

The people doing harm deserve to experience karma and knowing what they have coming deters some of them sooner rather than eventually.

Be an Expediter, not waiting for ‘karma” to do the job for you. Not letting them kick the can down the road is the way to put fire under politicians.

People will try to sandbag the Expediter. Just as production workers sometimes want more time to complete an intermediate task. Give them time but come back every day with your clipboard to record progress. There are necessary delays and there are unnecessary delays, learning what is necessary and what is not is part of being an Expediter.

Forgiveness and waiting for karma to happen is the method of the Procrastinator.

When humanity was able, skyscrapers happened. When humanity was able, the Declaration of Independence happened. Some construction workers lost their lives while building skyscrapers but skyscrapers keep happening and they get taller and taller as the years pass. A lot of people were killed while defending the Declaration of Independence and the oppressors had to surrender in the end. The world is more free today because of that.

Demand the United States be an Expediter. There is no reason to delay the end of Vladimir Putin. We need not fear what he will do, he should fear what we will do. A nation will be freed as a result, maybe even two nations.



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