An article in Politico entitled “History Teaches that Constitutional Reforms Come in Waves. We May Be Approaching One Now. (10–6–21 by law professor John F. Kowal ) helped me get a perspective on why we are apparently about ready to form a new Constitutional Convention to improve and expand the amendments, including the Second Amendment. There is by the way a well underway effort to form a new Constitutional Convention though politicians in both parties don’t want you to know about it.

Previously I compared the Second Amendment to Michigan’s constitution which in Section 6 says, “A citizen has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of himself and the state.” This clears up at least the reasons we have this right — for defensive purposes only. But what I didn’t say is that our right to keep and bear arms can use further clarification to clear up the talking points used by those who prefer to limit our access guns at the expense our right to defend the essentials of our existence. This reason is assumed incorrectly by both the US and Michigan’s gun rights provisions so we need to say it straight out: for defensive purposes we need to match or over match the deadly force available to those who threaten both our existence and/or our government which is for the People.

Oh and let’s not forget the element of low reading comprehension people on the Right who always bellow about the notion that gun ownership cannot be “infringed” at all. Possessing the means to deadly force definitely requires certification of the gun owner just like we certify the competence of airplane pilots, doctors and even owners of passenger vehicles. We have the well known phenomenon of gun owners who experience the equivalent of road rage and go on shooting rampages. Cool, well trained heads must prevail on both our streets and among gun owners.

Control yourselves or government will do it for you — often with cataclysmic results for society.

So yes, we are going to go through another cycle of Constitutional amendments but it must be done for the purpose of clarification and refinement above all. Or we’ll end up really fucked.

An example in closing of how we end up really fucked: Currently we are witnessing the complete incapacitation of a president who is kept in office though his inability threatens both America’s and world stability because one political party cannot permit people to arrive at the conclusion that it and it alone is responsible for the election of Joseph R. Biden. Instead they cling to (as a distraction) the lingering dissatisfaction with former President Trump’s poor handling of the incident of January 6, 2021 when a few of his followers illegally invaded the Capitol Building. The Democrats and some Republicans have been going on about Trump’s wretched handling of the incident ever since though the greater and more immediate threat is clearly that mental incapacitation of President Biden (who also received a highly unorthodox inauguration).

This is about the 25th Amendment, Section 4. Two thirds of the Senate and the House must declare the President disabled. Can they get it done? Basically, all of Congress is now guilty of dereliction of duty. It does not look like they will get it done today. This is what “we are fucked” really looks like.

We got screwed out of our constitutional right to remove a president when Bill Clinton was fined $800,000 for contempt of court and when his wife (serially) committed obstruction of justice and attempted to abscond with diplomatic gifts when the couple left the White House. She should have been prosecuted for obstruction and for absconding with public property. Instead she got of scot free for obstruction the the couple’s lawyers arranged for “a negotiation” over which items they could keep.

Our Constitution needs to be amended on at least the above points and needs to be given real teeth to ensure faithful enforcement.




Time traveler from 1944, have arrived in 2022 and still movin' around, doin’ 2022 stuff.

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Jack R. Noel

Jack R. Noel

Time traveler from 1944, have arrived in 2022 and still movin' around, doin’ 2022 stuff.

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