How Far Are You From The Equator?

Jack R. Noel
3 min readDec 4, 2022

How far are you from the Equator? That may be a very important question if you care about our changing climate. The Equator gets the most direct sunlight compared to those places degrees north and south of it.

Detroit: North Latitude 42.33º — Dec. Avg: 30.4º F

Kyiv Ukraine: North Latitude 50.27º — Dec. Avg. temp 41º F

Berlin Germany: North Latitude 52.31º. — Dec Avg temp 34º F

San Diego, California: North Latitude 32.7º, Dec. Avg temp 58º F

Dallas, Texas: North Latitude 32.77º, Dec. Avg temp 48º F

Miami, Florida: North Latitude 25.89º, Dec Avg temp 73º F

{Parenthetically, we know that other factors like humidity levels have physical affects on humans and animals. Another factor is physical geography of each region. Deserts and wetlands exist mainly because of this geographical factor. }

Miami is 16.44 º or 1,137.14 miles south of Detroit for instance while December average temps for those cities are 73º and 30º respectively. Wow, Miami is forty degrees Fahrenheit warmer in December than Detroit when both cities are farther from the Equator.

The Earth’s circumference is slightly bulged at the equator but you can arrive at an average of 24,901 miles.
One degree equals 1/360th of Earth’s circumference or North or South latitude so an average degree is 69.169 miles.



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