If you haven’t seen this PBS coverage of President Biden’s recent public “press release” you really ought to. PBS & PBS News has long been recognized as a source of documentary-level coverage.

With sentences like, “And by the way, this whole notion of dealing with the idea of look.” — No one has any credible way of defending Joseph Biden’s competency.

So we were able to see President of the United States Joe Biden is incoherent even with massive presidential resources being available to minimize mistakes, fumbles or gaffs. Two straight minutes riddled with incoherence.

Americans (even anti-Americans) have seen other examples of Biden’s incoherence many times since he took office. Also obvious, is the careful staging and the apparent failure of what must have been extensive coaching and practice before Biden went live.

This reminds me of President Kennedy’s offhand remarks and his speeches, many of them are now recognized as historic in importance. JFK had speech writer Pierre Salinger working for him. The contrast is almost blinding; full, literate, intellectual and witty versus JRB’s blathering nonsense.

Who was selected to write JRB’s speeches? His name is Vinay Reddy. Reddy was the chief speech writer to Biden during his second term as the vice president of the US from 2013 to 2017. He is the first ever Indian American to be appointed as a presidential speech writer.He is not and never will be like Pierre Salinger.

The comparison between Democrat JFK’s abilities and those of Joseph Biden’s is unquestionably in favor of John Kennedy. Joe Biden is no JFK.

Time for people to make the decision for the “politically minded.” They will prefer to hide Biden’s inadequacy if they’re allowed to. This is an unmitigated potential disaster for the Democratic Party and all Democrat Party candidates and leadership. Both sides in Congress should be required to act, call on the Supreme Court too. This has to be fixed immediately.

I’ll be calling and emailing Michigan’s people in Congress. I hope you will be too.




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Jack R. Noel

Everything from business executive to grocery clerk and published writer. Now retired and able to get back to my first love: writing.