Jack R. Noel
4 min readJun 9, 2022

It’s seeing the spate of phrases which go like something this,”Maybe now it’s time for all patriotic Americans who own assault rifles to donate them to Ukrainian fighters”, which provokes my response.

So categorically:
[A] Actually you have to get a federal license to buy an “assault rifle” which itself is just a sloppy civilian (and politicians) term for select fire and fully automatic rifles. Of course such people know little about firearms.

[B] No mass shootings have involved any select fire or fully automatic rifle. None of them.

[C] And why is it time now?? If they mean because of more frequent mass shootings — then they have to explain why there weren’t ANY school shootings during the previous decades when semi auto rifles were just as common as today. Why NO school shootings at all until 1999?

[D] The shooters at Columbine used semi auto weapons and homemade bombs. Only screwed up individuals commit mass shootings. Homicide has always been a felony level crime. The death penalty applies to criminal homicides in some states. New laws have little or no deterrent effect. The rules applied by our society can have more effect on such individuals.

[E] Let us not forget that in 1999 there was already an assault weapon ban in place. (From 1994 to 2004 — when mass shootings first began)

[F] Screwed up individuals are not stopped from committing homicide because it’s illegal. 99.98% of gun owners* never commit a homicide with a gun. They ALREADY follow all the laws, not just gun laws. Studies by police agencies show that gun owners have an overall lower crime rate than the general population. *[assuming 20,000 murderers commit homicide every year, that’s still only 2/10th of one percent of the gun owners in the United States]

The reason the public believes the nonsense is due to exaggerations and distortions by organizations which only want to appear to be helpful. Yes, political parties do this all the time on various topics. They know they can’t have even a majority of voters so they settle for “enough voters” and let their purposely redacted information be spread by the equally self interested American Press.

So given this, who the hell believes semi automatic rifles are a key factor now?? Who now can believe they should be banned?

Jack R. Noel

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