One Bad Apple Destroys Russia

Jack R. Noel
2 min readAug 27

Jack R. Noel
August 27, 2023

I’ve been browsing the news like so many other people and can’t hope but notice that, probably, people haven’t yet looked far enough ahead when thinking about what’s going to happen to Russia one to four years in the future.

There has been a rather ridiculous number of “pundits” both official and social media “official” who are preoccupied with trying to predict what will happen “when Ukraine wins,” what happens when “Russia wins” and other near-term issues like whether should we be sending billions in aid to Ukraine when people living on top of a 25,000-foot volcano have just (mysteriously) begun demanding aid to help them after having much of their volcano top burnt to a crisp. Obviously, we should be sending hundreds of billions of emergency aid dollars to the people who don’t understand what happens when you live on top of a f*cking 25,000-foot volcano.

Trying to guess what Russia one to four years from now will become: Is like wondering what will happen to a barrel of apples after someone puts one rotten apple in with all the good ones. Only Russia is more like a barrel that has had rotten apples in it since the barrel was made.

There is no positive future for Russia because, so far, Russia has never run out of rotten apples like Vladimir Putin (and worse). First, Russia had a succession of czars who were some version of criminal psychopaths. Then came the Big Revolution that would change everything and end oppression. Followed by another three-quarters of a century of rule by Communist psychopaths. There was the false “collapse of the Soviet Union” (we see the legacy right here and now, another ruling psychopath who actually wants to return Russians to the Soviet Union!)

Get rid of Putin, what do we have? We have all the same rotten apples who will undermine elections to ensure one of them comes out on top. The top rotten apple will then (genius-like) return Russia to the 17th Century again.

Jack R. Noel

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