Put Them All On The Hot Seat

Jack R. Noel
2 min readAug 15, 2022

August 15. 2022

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is again seen to be of questionable ability for the job its charter calls for. It is time to put the hot glaring light of public scrutiny on this particular branch of our federal bureaucracy,

Not necessarily evidence of political targeting as some Republican insist (“allege”). That’s part of the problem in today’s “Internet Environment” (it’s not just with the social media problems). But given the recent public evidence showing that FBI officials signed off on a fictitious report on President Trump while improperly seeking warrants based on that false report (The Steele Dossier paid for by the Clinton Campaign), lets assume this latest warrant served on Trump to search and seize materials in his home at Mara Lago is just as bogus and criminal.

Why was the warrant wanted? Because, it’s been reported, the National Archives (another of our bureaucratic departments) complained to the FBI that Trump had not returned some presidential papers as requested. But there are also reports that Trump’s organization has been cooperating with the National Archives on this. Lets see the documentary evidence before deciding on this. Most important by far: there was never any need to use an armed raid for the purpose of getting presidential papers back to the federal archivists.

We know the FBI carted off a lot of things that couldn’t have been related to national security as well. How screwed up is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Truth is out there.

Secondly, there was a reported leak by an anonymous party telling the FBI that Trump also possessed classified documents and we know such things endanger our national security. Was this ever verified?

Yet Once time Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, on numerous occasions was found to have classified documents she shared recklessly but she was never raided or even officially reprimanded. Never the less, two wrongs don’t make a right.

Therefore the so-called classified documents should be named publicly. Otherwise given the evident condition of the FBI bureaucracy, they may just declare rolls of toilette tissue in the Trump bathrooms “classified” to protect our national security.

The FBI is now in the hot seat and so is Biden-appointed DOJ chief Merrick Garland and logically so is President Joe Biden for his laxity as Chief Executive.

Lets keep them all on the hot seat until they’re all cooked.

Jack R. Noel

Writer (non fiction/fiction), science buff, history buff and political commentator at large.