Question: Is it possible to halt global warming?

The question is, Can we totally eliminate global warming?
We had better not dare to do so!

Remember, the “ideal” often referred to by people calling themselves informed on climate science is really the interglacial period which included having vast areas of the world experiencing winters that in some region were killers (ask people in Canada ,Minnesota or even South Dakota about their winters). And look at how cold Siberia gets even now in a period of “record heat years.”
The furor over “global warming” and “runaway greenhouse effects” is (a) false and (b) overstated grossly and egregiously.

False: there will be no “runaway” — not until the Sun expands too near Earth’s orbit. To have that happen would require an endless supply of fossil fuels to burn — which we do not have!! Some are old enough to remember: (1) the mid seventies winters when we were warned to “conserve fuels “ and (2) the OPEC decision to remove the artificial cap on oil prices when were were again warned: to conserve fuels. Supplies are limited!! And can be easily cut off selectively by those nations which “have” what the rest of the world “has not.” So supply is naturally limited as are all natural resources and can be rationed depending on geopolitical actions by nations.

It’s true the input of manmade greenhouse gases is just enough to nudge atmospheric levels above the “trigger level” and that we’re really experiencing global warming. But it will not continue indefinitely, only about the same amount of time it will take to exhaust the world supply of fossil fuels.

By the time the predicted increase of 9º C (16.2º F) is reached, we will be virtually out of fossil fuels to burn at even the current rate. Fossil fuels (which are also petrochemicals essential to making plastics) will become more and more costly to end users (consumers) until they become beyond the reach of most consumers.

During the Cretaceous Period, (which began about 220 million years ago, ended 66 million years ago) the global temperature was 35º C (95º F). The poles were totally free of ice and dinosaurs lived there! Ocean currents were different, land masses were different and the sea level was about 400 feet higher than it is today. The predicted sea level rise this time is a few meters (or yards). Not enough to totally submerge a beach front house. Every living thing survived! (and flourished until an asteroid disrupted everything 66 million years ago). And keep in mind that all the glaciers on Earth are the small remnants of the last Ice Age when there was. approximately 40 times more glacier ice than there was before they began shrinking 60 or 70 million years ago. The current global warmth is just erasing the last small remnant of global glacial ice.

What else do the anti-warming politicians ignore? It’s a fact they ignore the benefits to everyone who lives
in the areas higher latitudes, north of the Tropic of Cancer or south of the Tropic of Capricorn, which experience significant seasonal variation in climate. The annual average temperature in such places as Detroit, (1400 miles north of the Tropics) is around 48ºF. But Michigan is buffered by the great lakes. Omaha, Nebraska is about 70 miles south (in terms of latitude) of Detroit but Omaha has hot humid summers and cold, snowy winters like Detroit. Ask anyone living in those two cities what they’d like, winter or summer temperatures and you will hear they prefer spring, summer and early autumn temperatures. So how many millions live between 37º and 61º North Latitude? Now ask why Democrats ignore people living in that vast band running across North America which includes almost all of the population of Canada.

Now consider the growing seasons in the Northern States: they last only from May to the end of August with only a few vegetables harvested in the autumn. A four month growing season means that people get fresh vegetables and fruits only right after the single harvest. The rest of the year their fruits and vegetables come from places with longer growing seasons or from near either side of the Equator more than 1400 miles to the South. We are talking about millions of people eating every day, 365 days a year. Now think about the vast (energy consuming) technology needed to keep northern peoples fed for most of the year. And any single power outage endangers those same millions living in the North. People in urban centers would face starvation rations within days, just like the flood victims in New Orleans.

Review the above and you’ll see that the real situation is very different from the one politicians are giving us. And the real difference is either extremely myopic thinking or purposeful short changing the public about these “missing data points.” Missing until now. Why, if Democrat leaders care so much about “everyone” do they ignore the safety, health and welfare of tens of millions of us in the United States?

The Democrat politicians are are “declaring emergency” trying to prod us to urgency because they know they can pose as our “only brave saviors” and benefit thereby. Benefit themselves only. Benefit The Party. What are we to do with such people and their party?

When we know they’ve actually done this, why would anyone want to hand Democrats a majority in Congress or help put a Democrat Stampeder in the White House?

Why would they or anyone want to “halt global warming?”



competition shooter. I advocate for self defense, defending the vulnerable. Writer since 1994. I’m a Science, History & Philosophy buff “Retired” -2014

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Jack R. Noel

competition shooter. I advocate for self defense, defending the vulnerable. Writer since 1994. I’m a Science, History & Philosophy buff “Retired” -2014