Stealing Our Trust, Our Votes and our Government

In the United States, control of the government is specifically given to the people of the United States. But as we’ve seen, it‘s been particularly leftist ideologues who’re intent on gaining that control and using it on us, the people of the United States. As an entity, nothing can substitute for a well established, popular political party to carry out the theft of our rights and our civilization and of our government.

Pickpockets have ways of distracting their victims for long enough to snatch a person’s wallet or valuables. And one of the most secure methods is to befriend the intended victims. But as illustrated in the movie “Taken” starring Liam Nelson, we see how much more can be taken by the appearance of a helpful, friendly stranger. Political parties have been befriending us so they can steal government power since the beginning. But it’s a matter of degree.

The difference between a single pickpocket and those picking our collective pocket for control of our government is of course a matter of numbers and time because it takes many pickpockets working more or less in synch for years or decades to get enough people to trust them enough to vote them into office. When the numbers get large enough the original pickpockets blend perfectly into the altered society they have been enlarging for decades so that they become invisible. They cannot be distinguished from each other (the actual officials within their political party). There’s also people of good will who still believe in “their party” and have put themselves up for election “for the sake of good government.” Those otherwise innocent candidates provide the best camouflage for the non-innocent ones. [typical example: a senator or congressional rep who consistently gets needs fulfilled for their constituents — can still vote for government control when they get back to Washington DC ]

But both Democrats and Republicans indulge in this methodology. For me at least, it became a matter of spending a lot of time counting the number of times deception is used to gain complete control and the relative intensity of those efforts. I have the “advantage” of having voted since 1968 and I can now honestly say I voted “with my heart” most of the time. But my overall voting profile is contradictory: I’ve voted Democrat numerous times, including for Barrack Obama in his first and second elections, 2008 and 2012. But it was he who proved once and for all that I was voting with my heart for some real and dangerous scoundrels. I had been deceived and I now see how many others have been deceived by the pickpockets who now run the Democratic Party.

Naturally I wanted to know how this had been done for my own sake. And my fellow Americans may find it helpful as well. It helped me to see that Barrack Obama consistently worked for gun control bills which are really the most dangerous way to bring the American population under control via disarmament. By “trusting our first black president” I had missed that and trusted he would never resort to that measure. Wrong-wrong- wrong.

This is what prompted me to write about the matter of deception, about “picking our pocket” to gain government control. This a personal, societal and cultural decision making matter. It’s also a national matter. I decided that how I vote turns out to be of monumental importance. But I decided first to see who has been picking the most pockets since 1992. That’s because 1992 marked the upward swing in deception on the part of any president or party. It was President Clinton and the Democratic Party who /which swung noticeably into deceptive speech and behavior. Bill’s deceptive behaviors were highlighted by his impeachment. His outright hostility toward our system of justice brought him an $800,000 fine for contempt of court and he was disbarred from practicing law.

But what does the public remember about W.J. Clinton? They remember the Monica Lewinsky Scandal, but not his contempt or the punishments it brought him and Mrs. Clinton. Mrs. Clinton followed by taking items from the White House that included some she later had to return. We don’t remember the real crimes and questionable decisions because many pickpockets recruit “silent partners” to distract the victim and make it easier to get away clean. Who was (and is) the silent partner for every top Democrat who gets into trouble today? It’s the Press, that’s who distracted us from Clinton’s real crime against justice and against the people of the United States. That’s why the Pickpocket Method is the subject here, it works so well and so consistently.

How personal relationships become a dominant influence on us: I voted for W.J.C. in 1996 because of my daughter’s influence. I asked her who she would vote for if she was a year older (she was 20, a student at the University of Michigan) because she was smart enough to be able to vote even though she hadn’t reached voting age. Also because we had always had a wonderful relationship and I trusted her. She answered, “I’d vote for Bill Clinton.”

I then thought about Clinton’s opponent. I also realize now see how being labeled “independent candidate” is used against any and all independents. Independents threaten the careers and fortunes of people in both parties. The “independent press” was hypocritical to a fault with one “prominent” new commentator telling us Perot was like “a hand grenade with a bad haircut.” How’s that for “objective reporting?” So on my faithful daughter’s advice and because the press told me to vote for Clinton {because he had a perfect haircut and was the most charismatic by far } I voted for Clinton. What could possibly go wrong?

[ SIDEBAR] But Perot himself made a bad decision, he over estimated his potential in a national election and while he didn’t take any electoral votes from anyone, he got 8,085,294 votes which could have gone to Robert Dole, W.J.C’s Republican opponent. Clinton still got over double the electoral votes but would have won by less than 200 popular votes than Dole if Dole had gotten Perot’s 8 million votes. Clinton’s popularity was sinking but the Democrats controlled more states with large blocks of electoral votes. 31 states out of 50 went to Clinton, a Democrat. It was an Electoral College cake walk for Clinton. It’s ironic that now Democrats universally condemn and criticize our Electoral College.

I regret having to explain how Ross Perot inadvertently helped the Democrats win one election only because it was a pivotal decision which eventually led to the rise of W.J.C’s wife, the massively incompetent criminal, Hillary Rodam Clinton. She is the ever elusive pickpocket and currently remains un-indicted, thanks to the cooperative protection of the FBI’s former director and the Press (and like the cooperative protection of Barrack Obama).

So we can now jump to the 2016 election where she got her second chance at running for president. Because I had been following her trajectory since 1995, I had a pretty bad feeling about her immense popularity. She had been denied the nomination by Barrack Obama’s organization in 2008. But Obama had run out his 2 terms so in 2016 she faced only the upstart TV host, Donald J. Trump. [Obama’s people leveraged his popularity versus Hillary’s in 2008 and promised her a bullet-proof appointment as Secretary of State which she gulped down eagerly — and which she subsequently used to help clinch her nomination in 2016].

And what a surprise that brought: the Democrat controlled states were reduced to just 17 on election night and correspondingly, Hillary Rodam Clinton’s position in her own and the outer world plummeted. I mean that literally; 34 state legislatures went Republican along with an equal number of state governor posts and the Democrats were reduced to minorities in both houses of Congress. This was a wipe-out the likes of which Democrats had not seen since the 1952 election when 82% of voters voted Republican. 42 to 6 , the states gave their electoral votes to Republican candidate, Eisenhower.

Democrats have regained some ground as a result of the 2018 midterm elections. There are still people believing as I did that elections will teeter-totter almost every cycle. And it all evens out — not! But when those people become aware of the theft of our trust and votes in our political sphere, I believe they’ll become astute in their choices from now on. More people will demand more honesty from all political parties and candidates.

Because accuracy and completeness is the hallmark of the most honest people, we can at least have a greater chance of choosing the most accurate and complete presentations by any candidates running for office. For us, it’s always to expect the most accurate and complete statements and claims.

For example, when the Democrats emphasize “the threat of global warming” -they always leave out the 160million years when “global warming” dominated the entire planet and there was no snow or ice anywhere. During that entire time, life flourished from pole to pole so that tropic cruises would have been possible off the coast of Alaska. That’s an obvious and huge omission of scientific information they conceal by omission— to deceive us and stampede voters because of “the emergency.”

. We have to check for ourselves whether “making America great again” will be the real outcome from President Trump’s claim. This is not up to the press (remember, the Press is the silent partner to the pickpockets), this is not up to Democrats or Republicans to tell us how we “must believe.” It’s definitely not up to the Press, either. It’s up to us because we will only believe the most. accurate and complete statements and claims.

We will no longer tolerate being deceived by anyone when we adhere to the concept of honesty in all things. Especially the honesty of every political candidate. But in ourselves as well. Let’s give it a try.



competition shooter. I advocate for self defense, defending the vulnerable. Writer since 1994. I’m a Science, History & Philosophy buff “Retired” -2014

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Jack R. Noel

competition shooter. I advocate for self defense, defending the vulnerable. Writer since 1994. I’m a Science, History & Philosophy buff “Retired” -2014