The Mythical Emergencies the Democratic Party Spins Out

Jack R. Noel
4 min readAug 31, 2022

August 30, 2022

Well, what do ya know, the latest Mythical Emergency spun out by devoted supporters of the Democratic Party have decided to tell us all about the many reports of droughts, wild fires and heat waves. And of course they will all lead us to doom and more of “we’re all gonna die”. Just as a matter of fact, heat and drought kills only one fourth the number killed by much deadlier cold weather and cold climate events.

They all seem to be unaware too their past claim was that over concentration of human populations is responsible for drying out the land and causing the water table to fall. (1) we need well watered land to grow everything from crops to cattle. No farmer or especially “Big Aga” is going the let the We Care About The Environment Gang to prevent them from making money from agriculture. (2) So too many people on land that could have enough water if it weren’t for too many people using 150 gallons per person per day mean those people have just moved to these areas without any more thought than “how big an apartment or house can I buy.” It’s a matter of too many people in which areas and I see no calling for their elimination,

So immigration by the masses is mentioned, always with the claim that will cause war. That’s pure conjecture. And if we thaw out Canada and Russia you’ll have the empty, arable land handed to us. (The land areas of both Canada and Russia are over 60% frozen tundra.)

Why is it that everyone of these well intentioned, educated people persist in ignoring actual Earth Sciences expertise when making their misguided point? This lack of forethought can be corrected. It’s called the Ever Changing Real Estate Market and there are no Green Democrats involved only those against real estate development!

Just FYI folks, according to actual scientists, the entire Sahara Desert was so wet there are the remains of big water animals like Hippos from that same desert which only became a desert less than 8,000 years ago. So not even over population of humans and their “evil compulsion to burn fossil fuels” can account for that massive example of climate change.

The real story about this colossal change is that the jet streams changed and left that entire 3,600,000 square miles…

Jack R. Noel

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