The War On Our Police

At some point the clear headed majority in America will decide to bring a halt to violent rioting for any reason. The people doing the rioting are just people who do not control their impulse to violence. They are not “special” in any way. Well, they are special in not understanding why we cannot allow people to throw tantrums and break the law just because they got pissed off.

We, the American people have to resolve to put an end to people like these people at least to the point where they are forced to behave in recognition of public safety and public rights.

We are non-criminal American citizens. Because some of the rioters have declared war on the police, they are at war with our police and with us as well.

They repeatedly declare they are a threat to our safety and our right to peace and order. Okay — that forces us to respond to their threats and their attacks on our police. Our police are given the duty to meet force with greater force until the threat is stopped. Our political officials are the ones charged with the duty to use law enforcement to end threats to the public safety. They should be doing so now but some elected officials are failing in they duty.

Tell your representatives, governors and mayors today that, as an American, you demand and end to the threat posed by violent rioting. Tell them also that they must take action before the election. (Not taking action should be counted as refusal of duty by an elected official.)

We can stop this now, legally, properly and quickly. You have the right to save yourself from harm.




Time traveler from 1944, have arrived in 2022 and still movin' around, doin’ 2022 stuff.

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Jack R. Noel

Jack R. Noel

Time traveler from 1944, have arrived in 2022 and still movin' around, doin’ 2022 stuff.

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