There must be lots more here than meets the eye, especially a lot more than just Nazis. I graduated from high school in the early Sixties. We learned that Nazism had been defeated and that was that. So it's real strange to see the number of people (not just in Russia) who actually believe Nazis are a thing.

Sure, I live in a university town, about 10 years ago about 30 guys in Nazi regalia showed up and one gave a speech in front of the federal building. People booed, there was no violence. The Nazi Club boarded their rented bus and haven't been seen since.

Haven't seen any Nazis on Facebook either. Someone named Nazi Kapatadze is on Facebook. Her writing looks like this: იდგა თებერვალი ფანტელები , თავზე თეთრად გვათოვდა . She is not a Nazi.

What most of us see (experience) on Facebook are the Facebook "nazis" who suspend our accounts for "violating community standards." That Facebook uses (do they actually hire and pay these ignorant freaks?) such people is what's going to make Facebook a stand alone international kiosk for freaks, the normal people are going to find other ways to spend their time.

What "community standard" dictates that someone can't comment with, "they oughta hang the bastard" as if that actually "encourages violence." It's been a common statement to express disgust for generations.

I "visit" my Facebook page a few times a day. Mostly to participate in groups of parrot owners. One group specializes in answering questions about a particular species of parrots. The other is purposely free wheeling and is for owners of larger species, especially cockatoos and macaws. They are getting warned and suspended too - probably at a higher rate than any alleged "Nazis." – It never hits the freaks at Facebook that helping people keep their pets well and understanding their needs is important. Facebook is fixated on punishing normal people for posting normal speech.

Personal computers began to be popular office and home appliances in the early 80s. Then it was decided to give a messaging network used by scientists and researcher to "everyone" and that created the Worldwide Web. It was like giving average people the ability to fly their own plane without a license anywhere they want at any time.

Noteworthy: we can do that with passenger vehicles. But in order to drive you have to take drivers education and must get a state issued drivers license and register your vehicle with the state you reside in. Such "government control" has not harmed anyone, instead it keeps us safer than we would otherwise be. We don't need "Facebook" at all to keep us safe. We are responsible individually to keep ourselves safe and we pay law enforcement at the local, county and state levels to go after real criminals. Facebook is not a legitimate law enforcement agency. Neither is Twitter or any other 'social platform.' Some day some attorneys are going to eliminate the whole idea of this illegal, improper substitution of authority.



competition shooter. I advocate for self defense, defending the vulnerable. Writer since 1994. I’m a Science, History & Philosophy buff “Retired” -2014

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Jack R. Noel

competition shooter. I advocate for self defense, defending the vulnerable. Writer since 1994. I’m a Science, History & Philosophy buff “Retired” -2014