Victory Over Afghanistan and the Taliban

Jack R. Noel
3 min readAug 30, 2021

The Atlantic article, “What I learned While Eavesdropping on the Taliban” is a really stirring and useful article. A valuable first-hand insight-producing work worthy of everyone’s notice.

And what do people like me gain from this the following? — — “They told me how they planned to keep killing Americans. They told me the details of these plans: what weapons they would use, where they would do it, how many they hoped to murder. Often, they told me these things while doing the killing. They told me that, God willing, the world would be made in their image. And they told me what so many others refused to hear, but what I finally understood: Afghanistan is ours.” — We gain the insight that our best interest and that of the world is to prevent “the world would be made in their image” by simply placing a 100% embargo on anything and anyone coming OUT of Afghanistan for the foreseeable future. A no fly list for anyone coming out of Afghanistan can be instituted.

What came out of Afghanistan over the past 20 years has always been the export of violence and murder by one or another of the protected terrorist “Jihadists” who EXPORT their one and only product.

Let the primitive tribalist Afghanis have their country. Let NOT any greedy corporations or nations ACCEPT OR TAKE any valuable minerals from Afghanistan. Let NOT anyone in the U.S. “lobby” to permit imports from Afghanistan and make it a federal crime to commit such bribing of Congress.

We are also teaching every Democrat in this country about the necessity of maintaining U.S. borders. Maintaining our right to be a sovereign nation shouldn’t even be disputed. We have seen the “truth” behind the Democrat’s unlimited immigration policy. It’s evident and widely acknowledged that no nation should allow “open borders.” So lets use an embargo against the nation which exports terrorists who enter through our Democrat-created open borders.

Once the Democrats are deprived of their precious (untraceable) “mail in ballots” the Democratic Party will virtually disappear from American politics and rightly so. We will maintain the valid absentee ballot system we’ve found to be honestly conducted but the states have the power to ban mail in ballots. There are two different kinds of voting having only to do with the wrong versus right kind of elections. Using mail in ballots opens the door to the wrong kind of elections (the perennial vote for Democrat candidates ensures a one party system which will literally end freedoms in the United States.

Finally, I’m sure there are many who doubt American resolve but this is going to change once those with the ability decide to persevere as well as the Taliban come to the fore. Afghanistan has 39 million people — the same size population as California. But there are other parties besides the Democratic Party and at last count there are over 120 million American gun owners and at least 74 million people who will vote Republican. The Republican Party in every state supports the 2nd Amendment and more gun owners will protect their right to be better armed than any jihadist by voting Republican.

If Democrats keep insisting on allowing unfettered immigration, the above illustrates why they can be voted out of office and out of power. The 1952 election saw the Democrats left with just six states and saw a Republican win 83% of the electoral votes and 55% of the popular vote in the presidential election. Eisenhower won because Adlai Stephenson was a typical ivory tower dreamer just like the ones we see leading the Democratic Party today. Eisenhower signified competence and American values, Stephenson did not and neither did his Democratic Party.

When the 2022 and 2024 elections are done, a Republican majority will see to the creation of an 100% embargo on Afghanis leaving Afghanistan for any reason. Seal off Afghanistan and the global war against jihadist will be victorious for our side. For the side of freedom and opportunity and civilian safety.



Jack R. Noel

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