What’s noteworthy about “Belief Systems?”

Jack R. Noel
2 min readNov 28, 2023

Jack R. Noel
November 28, 2023

Foreword: I ask for your indulgence partly because of the way this platform organizes its reward system. That is, I ask that you read all the way through and then offer a clap and hopefully a responsive comment.

It has always been common knowledge that when only one kind of message is allowed (or given the most of communications), people become convinced that that sole belief “must be true.” This is best viewed through the accurate lens of comparisons.

As when only Muslim or Christian or Judaic messages get through or get through most often with only a “minority” tolerated for the sake of “equality.” So too with the now dominant belief that “climate change” represents a “crisis” that all must heed and oppose.

Or as when an internet “platform” owner restricts “communications” between users to only “nonviolent content.” The evidence: this is always couched in terms of “community standards” where only the standards of the owner are allowed to show forth. There are no exceptions to this. Ownership, not “rationality” determines what we are allowed to write or post or publish on “our” pages and accounts.

Every nation worth the name maintains some level of military capability. And every military body *requires* extraordinary consumption of fossil fuels. Nuclear submarines don’t make up more than a tiny fraction of the total energy requirement of every military body. Look it up: find out how many nuclear submarines are maintained by each of the world’s nations (194 of ’em today). You’ll pretty easily find there are only a handful of such “nuclear navies.” The United States is the only country that has and continues to maintain about 20 nuclear subs and fewer still nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

Only delusional fools believe in “Peace on Earth.” There are no years when there were no wars or internal genocide campaigns. Everyone needs self-defense. Period. Self-defense means the difference between existence and non-existence. Period. Aggressors have existed throughout human history. Period.

Hence the absolute requirement for fossil fuels as our primary energy source.

With a twist of added cosmic irony: we need to keep warm on our planet where most people live with the “seasonal cold period.” We also need electric energy to provide light during the longer low-light autumns, winters and early springs. We get that vital-to-survival-energy mostly from: burning fossil fuels.

So with *both military and domestic requirements* in mind, how can anyone accept the idea of (forced) conversion to any other source of energy?

But right now the majority of people have been kept from knowing of this. The political control of communications media has long been known to be negative in nature yet the majority have been led to this potentially disastrous firm belief by use of political control of media.

I can only hope, dear readers, that you take to heart the validity of these linkages. Because, dear readers,
this is a pivotal day in your lives — and in mine.



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