When Tails Should Wag the Dog

Jack R. Noel
2 min readOct 31, 2023

Jack R. Noel
October 31, 2023

No, I’m not talking about the example of the Halloween and Christmas ones where the desires of children for huge amounts of commercial candies and toys are frenetically supported. I am talking about the phenomenon where small countries end up in positions so influential that they may end Mankind as a species.

It’s not just Israel and Ukraine. (Respective populations of. 9.8 million and ~ 35.8 million) It’s also tiny countries like North and South Ireland. (South Ireland has risen to 5 million people and North Ireland has grown to 1.9 million).

Freedom of speech allows for even mistaken or harmful beliefs and arguments to be heard and so it is that we are seeing a number of prominent officials (and wannabes) saying that we should not support Ukraine (or Israel) with aid paid for by taxpayers. They sometimes resort to the claim that Ukraine (or Israel) doesn’t deserve our support because it amounts to letting the tail wag the dog.

But that’s just framing the matter as if human beings don’t deserve our support. Because both Ukraine and Israel are under existential threat. The Right is wrong if that becomes the position of the Right. At the same time, the Right insists on the right to self-defense and on the idea that people who believe in self-defense also believe in the defense of others. Our legal system is also based on the right of everyone to have other defenders (like defense attorneys).

We have already seen the evidence that shows the nature and size of that threat in both Ukraine and Israel. Or do we want to continue to witness beheadings, gang rapes followed by executions?

When you get a new puppy and put it in a small fenced-in area in your back yard you believe you’ve done all that is needed for a time. But fifteen minutes later you look to see how your puppy is doing and see a coyote sneaking toward the puppy you know what you must do.

You instinctively know that just showing yourself might cause the coyote to disappear but you also go out armed in some way to use against the coyote if it doesn’t retreat.

Both Ukraine and Israel lack the ability to defend themselves against their more powerful enemies. The United States is the country most able to provide aid to those two nations to save them from (promised!) annihilation.

The obvious difference here is that a puppy cannot cry to you for help, you have to see the threat and understand it before taking action. But Ukraine and Israel are asking the United States for help so that they can fight off the threat by themselves.

These are not tails wagging the U.S. Dog. Tails do not ask for help just to exist.

Anyone who has not realized the value of foreign aid is beyond the point where they deserve a place in this discussion. They are “beyond help.”



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