Why Do Honest Christians Put Up With Creationists?

Jack R. Noel
6 min readSep 1, 2023

Jack R. Noel
September 1, 2023

Over the past year or so I’ve noticed a wave of content put out by Christian Creationists which are particularly annoying. That’s because my fellow Christians in America are by and large, honest working people. This brings me to wonder why honest working people are supporting the false claims of the Creationists.

The King James Version of the Bible has been described as one of the most important books in English culture and a driving force in the shaping of the English-speaking world.

My copy of the Holy Bible ends with Revelations at page 1,020. The last two sentences read, “He who has said all these things declares: Yes, I am coming soon!”
[Also note, I am using the Living Bible, copyright 1971, ISBN 8423–2250–7 for ease of understanding.]

“Amen, Come Lord Jesus!”

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen!”

In Genesis, we find the story of Noah
But that is just to present a reference point for people who aren’t familiar with the Holy Bible. The real area of interest begins on page 1 with Book I, Genesis. By page 8, there is God speaking to Noah, telling him, “I have decided to destroy all mankind; for the Earth is filled with crime…



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